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Josh Dines, MD

Josh Dines, MD

Hospital For Special Surgery

Dr. Joshua Dines is a member of the Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery.  Dr. Dines is an Assistant team physician for the NY Mets, an Orthopedic Sports Medicine Consultant for the New York Rangers, and a consultant for the LA Dodgers. He was previously the doctor for the US Davis Cup tennis team and currently serves as a consultant for USA Tennis.

Asheesh Bedi, MD

University of Michigan Health System

Dr. Asheesh Bedi is the Assistant Professor of Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery at the University of Michigan and MedSport Program. He is a team physician for the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University and a consultant for the NFL and NHL Players Association, and specializes in both arthroscopic and open surgery for athletic injuries of the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee.
Karen Sutton, MD

Karen Sutton, MD

Yale Medical Group

Dr. Karen M. Sutton is an Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale University Medical School.  She has specific interest in female athletic conditions with a focus on anterior cruciate ligament rupture prevention in female athletes.  Karen serves as the orthopedic physician for the U.S. women’s national lacrosse team.  She played lacrosse at Duke University where she was a Division I Academic All-American.