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Elbow and Arm Injuries

Any athlete who participates in repetitive overhead throwing, places extremely high stresses on the elbow and arm.  These high stresses are repeated many times and can lead to serious overuse injury.

Unlike an acute injury that results from a fall or collision with another player, an overuse injury occurs gradually over time. In many cases, overuse injuries develop when an athletic movement is repeated often during single periods of play, and when these periods of play — games, practices — are so frequent that the body does not have enough time to rest and heal.


Elbow & Arm Injury Statistics

A pitcher has about a fifty-fifty chance of experiencing pain in his/her elbow or shoulder during his/her baseball career.
Research by the ASMI and others points to three principal risk factors for injury to youth baseball pitchers: overuse (number of pitches during a game, season, and a year), poor pitching mechanics, and poor physical fitness/physical conditioning.
17-18 League and Age: 105 Maximum Pitch Count Per Day

13-16 League and Age: 95 Maximum Pitch Count Per Day

11-12 League and Age: 85 Maximum Pitch Count Per Day

9-10 League and Age: 75 Maximum Pitch Count Per Day

7-8 League and Age: 50 Maximum Pitch Count Per Day