Fitness Over 50, Is It Too Late?

by Nancy Anderberg, multi-certified fitness/nutrition/anti-aging expert with 30 years of experience, special to

Nancy Anderberg

“It is never too late to hit reset.

Reaching 50 can precipitate the infamous “midlife crisis” or an awakening which inspires women & men with the opportunity to change or improve aspects of their lives. The effects of exercise and proper nutrition are so important that it influences every physiological system in the body for the better. There is a feeling of freedom and urgency that happens when your brain and body get essential nutrients coupled with exercise.

This decade of transition involves hormone changes, as well as other monumental transitions like the “empty nest” syndrome, as well as increasing chances of divorce and infidelity. These are just a few of the reasons why everyone over 50 should especially take care of their mind (soul), body and spirit.


For those of us who want to age in a positive and healthy way, it is smart to remember how much of a role our mindset plays in the process.

Many people over 50 continue to believe the stereotypes of aging or health conditions as one of decline, decay, and inevitable loss. Our decisions, our deference to doctors’ opinions, our willingness to accept diagnoses, even the way we talk about our illnesses—can have drastic effects on our physical well-being.

Fitness is much more than “just training”; it has become an individual’s interpretation of the quality of life they personally seek for themselves that will FIT into their busy lifestyles. People want to feel better from the inside-out in their everyday life, but they need customized and specific direction that is convenient and flexible, as well as cost and time effective, but also sustainable. For these reasons, I have created on-line systems, live coaching, and apps that reveal the secret to sustaining health at any age.

Optimal health is an inside job…it all starts inside one’s thoughts. Studies now prove that a positive and purpose driven mindset will determine how you age, according to Professor Ellen Langer, a Harvard social psychologist. As Langer says, “our attitudes, ideas, and beliefs are at least as important to health as our diets, exercise and our doctors.”

It is important to find an experienced fitness and nutrition coach that understands your age group. Remember, it starts with mindset, education, affordable coaching and support groups, as well as the proper tools to exponentially make the necessary shift to hit reset one’s biological clock.

I am thrilled and beyond blessed to be able to take my services, tools, free give-a-ways, and passion to our on-line platform with the NEW, and ever evolving, website. The implementation of my Mind/Body App, that includes customized nutrition plans, exercise, mindset coaching, daily nutrient tracker, fitness journal, and so much more, has revolutionized how people view food, fitness and mindset. More info at

Nancy Anderberg as the founder of Fit4RAW-real.authentic.women, a fitness and nutrition expert, multi-certified personal trainer, fitness competitor, speaker/author, product creator, international business entrepreneur, coach and/or “that 50+ aged single mom.” Follow her on social media at Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.



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