Women who are pregnant do not have to stop exercising

There used to be a time when exercise was discouraged and deemed unsafe for a women during her pregnancy. Today, many women who exercise prior to becoming pregnant want to remain active during their pregnancy both for their fitness as well as the health of their baby. Other women who previously did not exercise want to begin a program to improve their fitness level, safely manage their weight gain and help prevent medical conditions associated with pregnancy such as hypertension and gestational diabetes. There are however many safety concerns and there are clear guidelines for safety of exercise during pregnancy.

Exercise, “It helps prevent excessive weight gain, helps to prevent complications like diabetes and makes for a shorter and easier labor,” said Dr. Jonathan Schaffir, an OB-GYN at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center.  Any exercise should be approved by a doctor, and women should pay close attention to their body’s cues. For example, if you become lightheaded or experience shortness of breath, stop your workout. Source: The Columbus Dispatch

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