Neuropsychology Training Helps Athletes Achieve ‘The Zone’

The “ZONE” is the ultimate, yet elusive state of mind and body required by elite athletes to perform at the peak of their mental and physical abilities. Getting oneself “in The ZONE” on demand would represent a quantum leap in the development and resulting achievements of athletes around the world. Xtreme Performance Lab (XPL), the next generation of sports performance improvement technology, launches today with its neurophysiology-based athlete training services. Utilizing advanced real-time brain and body activity monitoring tools and protocols, provided via a unique remote services delivery platform, XPL develops in athletes the skills they need to self-modulate and reach “The ZONE” on demand.

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Utilizing a patent-pending combination of industry proven bio-feedback and neuro-feedback techniques, combined with the latest in brain monitoring and imaging software, XPL technology delivers a full range of assessment and development services to athletes. Services include a comprehensive neuro-physical assessment (a ‘combine for the mind’), ZONE training sessions, ‘Game Day’ prep, and advanced brain trauma detection and recovery protocols. In addition, XPL has developed the NeuroPod PRO, an integrated remote services delivery platform capable of providing these services to any customer around the globe.

“We believe the athlete of the future will train their mind as hard as they train their body. The benefits of mental improvement are limitless, and will play an ever-increasing role in athletic training. We at XPL are leveraging existing technologies long used to improve cognitive impairments, such as ADHD and PTSD, and combining it with the new technologies of QEEG and brain mapping to target the advancement of the athletes’ mental and cognitive skills. The results are improved performance, especially under the extreme pressures of competition,” states David A. Clarke, founder and CEO of Xtreme Performance Labs. “By identifying and targeting the brain activity related to athletic performance, we are confident in our assertion that The ZONE is real, it’s measurable, it’s trainable, and it’s attainable.”

Winning is 90 Percent Mental, 10 Percent Physical

Despite the adage stressing the importance of mental preparation, today’s training regimens are geared toward physical strength. Using 19-channel QEEG, EMG, EKG, BVP and heart rate monitoring, XPL’s innovative Quantitative Neuro-Physical Conditioning (“QNPC”) technology delivers revolutionary mind and body training with measurable results. First, a proprietary combination of evaluation tools is used to complete a Performance Capabilities Assessment (PCA) which establishes an athlete’s baseline prior to training. From there, the athlete performs training exercises customized to their needs for an average of two hours per week. The program teaches self-regulation during mental and physical exertion, giving the athlete the ability and awareness to manage their internal environment, regardless of what is happening in their surroundings. The PCA baselining is also used to assess location and severity, and possible recovery protocol options for brain traumas.

“There are many benefits to XPL’s training, aside from finding The ZONE,” continues Clarke. “Training the mind in this method not only creates better athletes, but it also can improve other aspects of their lives; from better sleep, to more energy during the day, to even better focus and performance in the classroom. Studies also show it can make athletes less prone to injury. The uses of this type of mental training are endless and can even go well beyond the field of athletics.”

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