The high-tech ZERO1 – Could It Save The Sport’s Concussion Problem?

NFL players suffered 31.6% more concussions last year than they did in 2014, according to new data released this month. As the New York Times points out, it’s possible that the higher numbers simply mean that more concussions were diagnosed last year, not that there were more concussions, but it is an alarming stat nonetheless.

A new, safer helmet won’t be an instant solution to the crisis, but it is a start. The ZERO1 helmet, co-developed by the University of Washington and Seattle-based startup VICIS, has been in the works for more than two years. Now it’s ready to show off; VICIS is pulling off the camouflage tape it covered the helmet in for months at public events, and CEO Dave Marver is bringing it around to different college and pro football programs across the country.   The high-tech ZERO1 costs $1500 a pop.

 Source: Forbes


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