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Women who are pregnant do not have to stop exercising

There used to be a time when exercise was discouraged and deemed unsafe for a women during her pregnancy. Today, many women who exercise prior to becoming pregnant want to remain active during their pregnancy both for their fitness as well as the health of their baby. Other women who previously did not exercise want [...]

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Take time off and don’t specialize in one sport

"Don't treat 6- and 7-year-old kids like they're professional athletes,'' Dr. James Andrews told an audience of about 100 at Florida Hospital Orlando. "They're not ready for that level of high-intensity training.'' Most important, Andrews said overworking a youth's developing body by having him or her play a single sport year-round can create problems. He [...]

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Former WWE’s Kevin Nash to Donate Brain for CTE Research

Former WWE Superstar Kevin Nash will donate his brain and spinal cord to the CTE Center at Boston University and the Concussion Legacy Foundation after his death, he told's Michael Rothstein on Wednesday. "Chris Nowinski started the program, and I've had several concussions throughout my life and had scans done and stuff and knew that somewhere down the line, I've already [...]

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High School Football Stars Quitting Due To Concussion Concerns

John Castello decided to stop playing football when he learned about the risks of brain injury. Dave Marmarelli/DGM Photography hide caption For many high school athletes across the country, a scholarship to play college football is a dream come true. But after high school football player John Castello saw the movie Concussion, he turned down [...]

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When sports-related injuries become too serious to keep playing

Mackenzie Loesing picked up a ball in kindergarten and never looked back – playing AAU and at high school before signing a letter of intent to play Division 1 basketball at the University at Buffalo.  After signing that letter and committing to UB, Loesing tore her right anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL). She needed reconstructive surgery. [...]

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Could your child’s sports turf cause cancer?

Federal agencies are launching a nationwide investigation into artificial turf. They're questioning the crumb rubber and what kind of chemicals could hurt our kids. The concern is that the materials can cause cancer. Scientists will break down the rubber athletes play on and find out what it's made of.  A total of 153 athletes, mostly [...]

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The high-tech ZERO1 – Could It Save The Sport’s Concussion Problem?

NFL players suffered 31.6% more concussions last year than they did in 2014, according to new data released this month. As the New York Times points out, it's possible that the higher numbers simply mean that more concussions were diagnosed last year, not that there were more concussions, but it is an alarming stat nonetheless. [...]

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