Electrotherapy Patch Provides Drug-Free Pain Relief for Athletes

Recreational athletes arguably suffer from more aches and pains that professionals. It’s simply a fact that amateur athletes don’t have the level of fitness or training needed to keep their bodies in top-condition. In the past, traditional treatment of these relatively minor aches and pains consisted of taking over-the-counter pain relievers or perhaps applying ice packs and heating pads to the affected areas. ActiPatch™, a new pain-relief product, offers athletes a drug-free alternative to ease their pain.

ActiPatch is a thin, lightweight patch worn on the injured area. Its technology is based on electrotherapy, which has long been used by physicians and athletic trainers. Electrotherapy pulses help to reestablish communication between cells in the affected area, which allows for less swelling, less pain, and quicker healing. The unobtrusive patch consists of advanced circuitry and a battery-operated microchip to deliver the electrotherapy pulses. The sophisticated technology makes ActiPatch a quicker and more effective pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent than traditional medication. The pain relief provided by ActiPatch also lasts longer. The ActiPatch website (www.actipatchonline.com) boasts that relief from one patch can last for up to one month.

Since ActiPatch is most effective on soft tissue injuries, it is ideal for treatment of common sports injuries. Players suffering from sore backs, sore shoulders, Golfer’s Elbow or Tennis Elbow can all experience relief with ActiPatch. Wearing the patch directly over the affected area, affixed with medical tape or bandages, can reduce pain and swelling more efficiently than traditional remedies.

A major benefit of ActiPatch is that it is completely drug-free. Any pain reliever, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, has potential side effects and potential negative impact on the golf game. Pain relievers may also cause complications with other medications or worsen a user’s other conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, because they affect the whole body, not just the targeted injured areas. ActiPatch won’t interact with any other medications. It is designed to be applied to and treat the immediate area that is injured or swollen. Because there are no known side effects and the patch itself has a low profile once applied, ActiPatch won’t interfere with your sports performance while it is providing pain relief.

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